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“...a massive, gigantic beast which - despite its density and mass - moves swiftly and smoothly through the city, slowly but firmly; and as it goes, it devours all sorts of elements and sounds, from funk and jazz to classical to rock to Iranian traditional music.”
- AustralianJazz.net
Shayan is a seven piece jazz ensemble from Melbourne, Australia, playing original compositions that incorporate broad influences ranging from Iranian Folk and Contemporary Classical to funk. Led by saxophonist Omid Shayan, the group was formed in mid-2015 after Omid won first prize at the ‘Darebin Music Festival Composition Competition’. The prize-money allowed him to focus his energy on composing for the group and provided enough funds to record their debut EP which was released in 2016. As the compositions have stretched and evolved, so has the band. Now now a seven-piece, Shayan featuring some of the most creative and talented improvisors in Melbourne. In 2019 the band released their debut Album “Sounds From Cross Street” Shayan has been performing in venues and Festivals throughout Melbourne, strengthening their sound and musical concept.
“Deeply rooted in modern jazz, SHAYAN is a perfect platform for this talented band and gives us another exciting example of Australian Contemporary Jazz. It is also a wonderful live act.”