SHAYAN is five piece jazz ensemble that incorporates the sounds and concepts of contemporary Jazz, Iranian Folk, Funk and hip-hop music.  SHAYAN attempts to blend together these various influences to make music that is unique, exciting and diverse. Led by saxophonist Omid Shayan, the quintet was formed in mid-2015 after Omid won first prize at the ‘Darebin Music Festival Composition Competition’. The winnings allowed him to focus his energy on composing for the group and allow the band to record their debut EP which was released in 2016. Since then, SHAYAN has been performing in venues throughout Melbourne, strengthening their sound and musical concept.

The line-up for this quintet also features Nic Ryan-Glenie (trumpet), Matthew Roche (Guitar), Costa Hagi (Electric Bass) and Monique Zucco (drums).
Below is a selected track from the EP.  The EP (or individual tracks) can be purchased by clicking here

The Krysalis Project

A community-run big band that allows members of the public to rehearse and perform free of charge. This group is for enthusiastic amateurs of all ages and focuses on getting them comfortable playing as a group, playing a variety of styles and improvising in front of others. The Krysalis Project contains over 15 members ranging from 8 to 70 years of age and plays traditional standards, funk, world music and contemporary compositions. Omid conducts the band weekly as well as composing and arranging for the group.

Ahange Gus was a tune written for this ensemble and won first prize in the 2014 Darebin Composition Competition.